Here I am at SFO heading out to see the Olympia for the first time. 

So many reasons for this trip. I’ve always wanted to check it out of course. The specific reasons though are much deeper than that. 

I want to see the stage for myself. The stage I am working toward earning the right to walk across. This competition for those of you that don’t know is not like most. You are invited to this show. You can’t just sign up. It’s the top of the top of shows for my sport for bodybuilding. Just to be in the stage here you are elite. Now that I have reached the Pro level. I need to either win a Pro show or gain enough points in multiple shows to win a lottery type spot for those with the most points before next years show. Not an easy task in either end. My thought is that It’s Possible. 

The second reason I’m going is to do a photo shoot with an amazing photographer Kai York. For me this will be different as I am doing this shoot off season. Meaning I’m not in stage shape as many if my shoots are done. This means that I am not at my optimal body shape for show. I of course am still lean and fit, but just a different, softer look. While I think it’s important to show this side of me. It does play games with my head. I’ve spoken about this before how body dismorohia comes to play. While I am real about it. It does come into play. 

Yet another reason is its my birthday. I get to celebrate in Vegas and be amongst my peers and idols. 

As I sit here at the airport I wonder what adventures will be had on this trip. All I know is its going to e a great experience and I can’t wait to see all my friends. 

Good luck to all who are competing this weekend. 

– Michelle Brown

2 Comments on “Visualizing What’s Next ”

  1. Congrats of the new adventure. I hope that you meet all of your goals. We are
    very proud of you. And a wonderful birthday wish for you from mom and dad
    and the whole darn family. Love You.


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