My name is Chelsea Cunningham. As of April of 2013 Michelle Brown has been not only my posing coach for my very first figure competition, but one of the prime motivating factors in carrying me through contest prep. She has not only taught me the in’s and out’s of show prep, but pushed me when I needed it and walked me through the very hardest of times when I needed her to. Her positive attitude and compassion carried me through some very rough patches during show season. She never doubted me and always told me the truth whether it was what I wanted to hear or not.  I whole heartedly love this woman and can say she is the best coach/trainer I have met in competition prep.

Chelsea Cunningham Figure Competitor

Thanks to Michelle, I am now leading a more active lifestyle with a healthy, well-rounded diet. Michelle works with you one-on-one to create a customized plan that fits your own needs and goals, ensuring maximum, long-term results. Her expertise when it comes to fitness and overall health, along with her constant, positive encouragement and guidance, helped me lose 23 pounds. Whatever your goals are, Michelle can help you reach them by educating and inspiring you.

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Michelle is an awesome trainer.  She has completely tailored my workouts to my goals, not hers.  Although they’re not easy workouts, I love them. I have seen dramatic results in the areas I am focusing on with her and I have a great time.  She constantly makes me laugh (she has TONS of energy) and the hour goes by super fast.  She’s extremely knowledgeable and is super easy to work with.  Michelle is a great trainer, supporter and cheerleader for me and my goals.


I was 275 lbs.,  in search of help. I hesitated because I did not want to give up eating the way I was eating and I was sluggish on moving around and felt tired all the time. I finally put my mind to it and decided to go down and check out and see if this was really going to be able to help me.  I knew that I had to really open my mind to a new way of eating, it has really been fantastic and all of the new foods are great.  I showed up thinking with how I felt that I was going to have a hard time, but with Michelle’s eagerness to help she really put me and my needs at the top priority. Since the first time I had met her she really put me at ease with how I felt and with her knowledge about physical fitness.  I really feel good about myself, and the workouts that we do. Michelle always has something planned for working out each time I am there. The variety of muscle building and cardio sets that she does are not overwhelming as long as you are open to help yourself, Michelle can help you with your physical fitness.

As of Today,  6 weeks  and I have lost 25 pounds! Couldn’t of done it without Michelle and her continuous support! Looking forward to dropping a lot more weight with their help.

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