It’s possible.

Whatever your goal is, it’s possible.

Let me tell you a little bit more about my own personal journey going from a simple “fan in the stands” to an IFBB Pro Figure competitor.

If we go way back, my first loves were softball and dance beginning at the age of 4. Soon after I started gymnastics, cheerleading, cross country and track and field. I played sports all throughout high school and college and excelled because of my physical abilities.

But despite being talented at the sports I competed in, there wasn’t that one thing that truly resonated with me yet. I didn’t have something to give my life that extra edge.

That was until I found myself sitting in the stands of my first bodybuilding competition.

Then I knew…

I knew that one day I wanted to step on that stage and have a physique like the women I saw competing.

So I started a journey and never looked back.

My mind, body, and soul changed when I began making strides towards becoming a professional Figure competitor. I changed my eating habits, I pushed my body to see what it was capable of and devoted my entire life to one of health and fitness.

I got hooked.

Soon after I began all of this I competed in my first Figure competition in May of 2008 taking the 2nd and 3rd place trophies granting me the opportunity to compete for my professional status.

It was time to take things up a notch.

The old ways of doing things would not get me to where I needed to be to earn my professional status.

So i immersed myself deeper into the world of female bodybuilding and started another journey to achieve another dream.

I invested thousands of hours of my time and energy into not only becoming a more fit athlete on stage, but mentally whole and mentally fit woman as well.

Then in July of 2015 I stepped onto the stage and made a dream come true.

I earned my Pro Card.

So what’s next? A new path to step onto the biggest bodybuilding stage in the world that is held in Las Vegas, Nevada every single year – The Olympia.

So I’m here to tell you again, whatever your dreams and goals are, they are possible. I’m here to help you live a lifestyle that’s not only dedicated to health and fitness, but one that is dedicated to seeing your full potential. I am certain that together we can see your dreams become a reality.

Time to transform your life.

-Michelle Brown, (650) 333-8227

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