What an incredible week I’ve had.  There have been many developments both physically and mentally.  I am grateful for all that I have going on and the support system that I have on my side.  Sometimes its amazing how just a simple conversation with another person can completely change you.


When someone who you care about shares a life changing experience with you that resonates so deep with you that the ripple effect of their change hits you like a tsunami.  Wow!  This happened just the other day.  Basically it comes down to being able to feel others feelings.  I’ve always been very empathetic.   I’ve always wondered why sometimes when I’m having a great day and feeling really good that all of a sudden a whole different set of feelings come over me for no known reason.  Now I have realized that I was been up on others feelings and letting them affect me.  While I think it is an amazing gift to have  I really have to learn how to separate what belongs to me and what I have picked up from others.  This is an amazing realization though as I had never figured out how sometimes this cloud of feelings would strike me out of nowhere.  Now I know!

Life is so much more enjoyable when you can just be.  Be who you are.  I know what I do comes from my heart with good intentions. What others do with that is not my responsibility.  One of the things I am constantly working on though is giving myself credit/acknowledgement for what I have done and achieved.  Someone told me just the other day…Michelle you just turned Pro.  That is a huge accomplishment that only a small percentage in this whole world have done.  I guess hearing that from someone else put it in a different perspective because I am of course aware of this, but not really aware of it within myself.  How do I explain this?  I am an achiever.  I strive toward goals.  I reach goals.  I make more goals…on an on.  The dreams do not end.  There is no stop point for dreaming and for striving to reach those dreams.  I have to work on being more present at times.

-Michelle Brown

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