Hitting the road…..


Started my day at 4am this morning.  Left home by 5:30am headed to my Coach Mouss El Bakkouchi’s home town of Beaverton, Oregon.  Driving out as I am here for the next 4 weeks as I strive to reach my goal.

The drive took IMG_960411 hours.  Though it was long time went by fast thanks to some amazing friends who are supporting me through this journey of life.  Talked on the phone, had a dance party in my car, sang incredibly loud, took in some beautiful sights, and had some interesting thought provoking moments.

All my meals were of course right there beside me and only stopped for the necessary pit stops as I consumed 1.5 gallons of water on my way here.

I was welcomed like family into my coach’s home by him and his wife (pregnant with twins).  We caught up on life in general and discussed some fun bodybuilding topics.  Unloaded the car, got settled in.  Then we planned the next week of training and diet.  At this stage food, cardio, and how you train is critical.  It’s not the same as when you are building.  I am sitting at 127 lbs with 122 lbs of lean muscle on me at this moment.  Looking to continue to tighten things up as I grow into the show.

Preparing my week with good rest, intense workouts, and some exploring of the Portland area.

LEG DAY tomorrow.

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