I know its been weeks since I’ve posted.  I’ve started to write and then got distracted numerous times.  But…

Yes!  I did it!  I am now an IFBB Figure Pro.  What does that mean?  Well, I achieved my goal and that means that I am now a professional athlete.  Its amazing and almost unreal.  It was more than a 3 year journey that got me here with this last year being the most pivotal of all.  I went out in 3 categories and did well in them all.

Masters Figure 40+ C – 1st Place – Pro Card

Masters Figure 35+ C- 2nd Place – missed 1st by 2 points

Open Figure D (all ages) – 5th Place – missed 4th by 2 points

It was an amazing couple of days.

There is so much to say but so hard to describe all that has gone on and the feelings and thoughts that go along with that. As I have said to some friends, “Everything is the same, but at the same time totally different.”  My friends reaction is always a confused look.  The statement is true though.  The world around me, my work life, day to day life has not changed at all.  What has changed is my thoughts of who I am in the world.  Don’t get me wrong I do not have any feeling of entitlement or thoughts that I am now some celebrity or something.  I just have a feeling of accomplishment.  I am proud that I set this huge goal and put in the effort to make it happen.  So I feel differently  about who I am in all that I do.  It’s a good feeling that has nothing to do with others opinions.  That is part of the reason I set this goal in the first place.  No one can do it for you….its all you.  Of course that’s not to say that I didn’t have a ton of guidance, help, and support.  I was fortunate to have amazing people be at my side.  In the end though I did the work.  I ate the food.  I did the training.  I stayed strong through the loses and push toward the goal mentally and physically.

My Coach – Mouss El Bakkouchi

More later but wanted to finally get something out there.  It’s been far to long.

2 Comments on “Dreams Do Come True”

  1. A long and fruitful journey and well worth it you have come a long way and should be proud of your success and achievements , we wish you all the success possible.

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