I am overflowing with energy and thrilled with how I look.  There are so many good vibes running through me this morning.  Some from my own thoughts and many from friends, family, and other supporters.  Wow.  It’s amazing.  It touches my heart to see that my journey matters to so many others.  I am so grateful for your well wishes, thoughts, prayers, and good vibes.  It honestly means much more to me than I can express through words.


My journey has been a huge success.  I have the body that I had envisioned and the mindset that I was hoping to achieve.  My eyes are welled up as I write this. This journey has not been just a gym workout and diet program.  This is my heart and soul spilled into my daily routine.  This is my new self awareness that I have been opening up to. It’s all here today.  I am present.  I am here in this very moment to enjoy it.  I will have fun and shine on that stage.  I am walking out there proud.  I feel whole.  When your mind is in the right place the body follows.  I can stand behind this statement now.  Because that was one of the major changes in this prep for this show.


Today sometime around 4pm EST I’ll be on stage 3 categories.  Masters 40, and 35, and then the Open.  I can’t wait.  The process is always so interesting.  It is never the same as I am always developing and have a different physique each time I go on stage.  I’ve been so elated with my coach Mouss El Bakkouchi with Team Megatron. He has not only created my program.  He has been a mentor, a supporter, and above all become a close friend which I like to call family now.  Even his wife is very involved and supportive of me.  It’s been nothing short of spectacular.  What’s so funny is while it is spectacular he keeps things very basic.  Like me he believes that hard work pays off.  My work ethic is really where it is at for me.  I work hard.  I am not genetically blessed with crazy muscle.  I was a stick figure of a girl…athletic…but tiny.  Literally I graduated high school at 90lbs…all skin and bones.  lol  I started training and lifting when I was 37 competing in my first couple of shows then dropped out for a few years and came back to it in July 2012 and now at 44 the last 3 years I have worked like a beast to get where I am.  I only wish it was a faster transition but muscle takes time to grow.  Especially when you don’t want to do what I’ll call advanced supplementation.  Its the things you do daily that make results happen.


Today I will walk with intention knowing that I already am where I want to be.  I am a Pro inside and out.  I say this with no intention of being arrogant at all.  I am confident in who I am and no one can change that.  Everyone on that stage tonight worked hard.  Some of them will walk away Pro’s and others will not.  It’s the game of opinions.  Mine isn’t a game….its destiny.  Excited, thrilled and ready to hit it tonight.

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