Time to risk it all and go all in!

Life is a journey

Decision is made and now it’s time to take the journey.  An opportunity was presented to me that will change my transformation tremendously.  My Bodybuilding Coach Mouss El Bakkouchi told me I could come stay with him and his amazing wife for the month before my NPC Bodybuilding show to train with him daily.  Although the opportunity is amazing it was hard for me to decide to go as I have my own buisness thriving here locally.  To take this opportunity would mean to leave everything behind for 5 weeks.  Including income.  This was very scary for me to take that leap and step over that line of fear, but I did it.  I believe in my dream of being an IFBB Figure Pro.  I am close to earning that title.  I placed 4th at this same competition last year and I need to win to get that coveted Pro Card.  So many fears popped up during this decision making process and really had to do some deep soul searching of what I really wanted and if I could make that happen.

Making that decision has been one of the best things I have done in a long time.  I not only know that I will be head over heels better than the last time I was on stage in August 2014 my mindset has changed.  There is support out there for me that I didn’t realize was there.  My clients have been amazing at supporting me and even giving contributions toward my journey.  I’ve been overwhelmed by these generous gifts.  While the money is extremely helpful.  It touched my heart that they believed in my journey and truly care about me making my dreams happen.  I broke down in tears a few times from the amazing things that people have done for me to help me make this dream a reality.

Here I am a week out from driving out to Oregon and find myself truly excited.  My body is changing as planned and I am on track for getting to where I need to be physically.  I have also stepped up my game on working on myself internally.  I’ve got to say the universe is amazing for showing up with things just when you really need them.  As I just met an incredible Life Coach who has shaken my world upside down.  In an amazing way.  I’m excited about being upside down and diving into the mental ocean that I have within me.  This will be the biggest transformation of all.  Really getting into the thick of things and not just push it aside but hang with it, look at it, feel it.  Take the time to see what it is and where it is truly coming from.  We pick up many mental habits and ideas of what is suppose to be, should be, has to be, and how you are to be.  It’s time to throw those out the door and really just be.

Follow me on my journey of physical and internal transformation as I take on my dreams of becoming a Professional Athlete.  I am all in and know I will walk on that stage a winner….no matter what the judges say at the end of that competition.

The journey begins and there are so many more risks I will be taking…

Dream big…take action…live life…experience it all


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