Without My Eyes

Check out this blog…I follow it closely as it is very inspiring and brings out so many good points to ponder.
This post hit me in particular as this is in the space I am currently in as well. Becoming who I am…

The Better Man Project


Close your eyes kid. Close your eyes and begin to see.

What do you see? What colors are there? Where are you walking? Who is around you? What are you wearing? What are the smells? Where in the world are you? Are you in one place? Are you traveling to many? What language are you speaking? What do your hands look like? What is your body like? How are things moving around you? What……….

Close your eyes and begin to see.

Close your eyes and write what’s in your heart. Close your eyes and begin to feel. Take away your sight in order to truly experience everything that is going on around you. What do you feel?

As time goes on, I’m living less like a robot controlled by outside factors and more like a man who is surrounded completely by choice. I see more than I ever have before…

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