BECOME who you are

There are continuous changes happening every day.  Thoughts spiralling up and down.  Body weight fluctuates. Traffic at a time when there normally isn’t.  Showed up at the grocery store today and all the vegetable shelves were empty.  What?  What do you do when these situations arise?  Freak out?  Sometimes….I mean why are there no veggies?  lol  Life is happening all around us and how we react or don’t react makes a difference.

Focusing on self awareness and my mindset is really opening up a whole new world for me.   Opening doors that I either have kept shut or just didn’t know they were there.  Like secret passages hidden away from my sight.  Now that I have found them lets check out what’s behind door number one ladies and gentleman… Awareness.  When you just put it like that is seems so darn simple.  I’m aware.  Of course I’m aware.  Well…not so much.  I am a very open person and don’t have anything to hide.  I’ve done some really stupid stuff and have made tons of mistakes.  I’ve always thought of myself as being aware.  Hmmm come to find out.  Yes I was aware.  Aware of others and how they felt and what they thought, but kind of left myself out of that one.  Now I am really becoming more and more aware of how I feel and why I might be feeling that way.


Today I walked into the gym and felt something.  I can’t completely explain it, but it was a confidence, a powerful belief, an ownership of sorts, a claiming of self.  That doesn’t quite capture it but think it puts the idea out there.  It wasn’t cocky or hey look at me.  I can tell you  that with that feeling going on inside me…what came up at the gym after that feeling was noticed as well.  I felt strong physically.  My lift was hard and heavy.  It was chest and shoulders today.  So not only did my workout pick up because of that feeling, but I also had quite a few people approach me to compliment me on how I looked.  Since I’m here in Oregon these are mostly people I don’t know.

Of course this is just an example of this awareness that happens to take place at the gym.  Most of my awareness is more about feelings and my thoughts which is going on constantly throughout the day.  Fears, doubts, joys, sadness, etc.


IMG_9520 IMG_9516 IMG_9521

I’ve been asked to post more pics of me doing what I do at the gym.  So here is a seated lateral raise for the shoulders.  This develops the medial delt.  Doing this move seated takes out any momentum that you can use with your lower body which makes the exercise more taxing on the muscle group you are trying to hit.


There is always work to be done internally and externally.  I am working away over here and it is paying off.  I have learned a lot on this journey about myself and how I can help others through what I am learning.


I am finding a strength and a peace within that I didn’t know existed.  I knew I was strong and now I am understanding where that strength comes from and how I can expand that to work in many different ways.  I’m putting in the work internally and it will shine through externally as I know that physically I am ready.

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