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Today I found myself in deep thought as I was exploring Portland’s Pearl District.  Adorable downtown area with cute boutiques, coffee shops, parks, interesting people watching, and a ton of fun looking restaurants.  It finally was sunny today after 3 straight days of rain.  I was so happy to see the sun.  The grey skies tend to bring my energy level down a notch or two, so the brightness of the day was invigorating.

As I was on my self guided tour I stopped at a really cute coffee shop Cafe Umbria.  I liked the name because I love Italy and have been dreaming of going back someday.  I grab my black coffee (yep still on that prep grind) and go to put a dusting of cinnamon on top I spark up a conversation with a guy doing the same thing.  We are chatting it up and then he asks why I’m visiting Oregon.  I tell him the brief version.  Then he said something that kept me thinking for a couple of hours.  He said, “Wow you are so lucky that you are able to leave work and hang out while you train for your competition”.  At that moment I just agreed and said I am very fortunate.  Then took off down the street window shopping.  After a few minutes went by I start having a conversation with myself:

Is it really luck that got me here?

Did this just happen to me?

This opportunity didn’t just fall from the sky.

I wasn’t just thrown into this without thought.

I created this.

I had an idea – I collaborated with my coach – I reached out for help  – I had conversations with my clients – I got creative with finances – then created this to happen

This wasn’t luck at all…this was me stepping out of the box.

This was me reaching out to others to help me make it happen.  Which was so amazing the support I received.

Here I am.  Making it happen.  Taking action on my dream.

We only live once.

Yes that is the conversation that went on in my head.  I honestly am amazed that I made the decision and then made it happen.


This journey has already made a huge impact.  While I have a good support system at home there is just an entirely different groove here.  One my coach is watching every move. Checking me daily.  Training me daily.  He also is instilling in me the fact that I have this time to enjoy myself.  Yes we are training hard, and I’m not entering the last 4 weeks before my competition, but I am not doing what I have had to do before.  I am not starving or on hours of cardio each day.  I am enjoying every rep of every set.  I am seeing my dream come true with each workout.  That is what I tell myself while I am on my cardio busting my butt.  It’s hard and I want to stop believe me.  I would rather grab a steak, fries, and a huge glass of red wine, then have a brownie for dessert.  That will not get me to my dream.  Doing the necessary work will be the building blocks to make that dream happen.


It’s like I am on one side of a cliff and I need to get to the other side, but there isn’t a path.  I need to create it.  I need to build that bridge to continue my path and reach my destination.  I’ve been building this path for 3 years now.  This bridge that I am building is the last step to my journey.  Those steps include sticking exactly to my food program, making each lift count, burning up the fat on cardio, and working on myself internally to be confident yet humble.  It’s not been an easy bridge to build.  Many obstacles show up that you have to then work around or through.  It’s worth the grind.  Not for the trophy and not even just for the Pro Card.  It is one way I can show others that if you truly stick to a plan and want it that you can make it.  It’s not an instant gratification adventure.

My journey has had many detours, road blocks, and mud slides but I am still on the path to my dream.  Hang on because it is just getting interesting.  This last 4 weeks is when all the real transformation happens.  It is the most drastic in the last 2 weeks where it all starts coming together.

The dreams you have can be a reality.  Work hard toward them whatever they may be, gather support around what you are doing, get creative, and give it your all.


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