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Work ethic – the principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward.

I’ve been asked many times how can you do what you do for so long. The simple answer is that I haven’t reached my goal yet.

Michael Jordan - End of an Era (JUNE 2005)
Michael Jordan – End of an Era (JUNE 2005)

The deeper answer to this really boils down to my commitment level and my work ethic.  When I commit to something I do not do it lightly.  This is in all areas of my life.  With my career being in the fitness industry I am committed to being a role model in health and fitness. In my thinking how could I lead others if I am not an example of what I am teaching?  I could not.  To me that would be fake.  What I do believe in is putting in the work.  Whatever is necessary to obtain my commitment a reality.


Michael Jordan is one of my all time favorites.  His work ethic stood out then and still reigns today for his ability to push through many obstacles.

Tonight was a test of my will.  This week my diet has changed up.  We are doing a 5 day low carb cycle with 1 high carb day and 1 med carb day.  Today was day 3 of low carbs.  Actually started feeling it a bit today.  Meaning my energy was a tab bit lower than usual (I’m usually a bit of an energizer bunny. lol).  To top it off today was leg day and we weren’t able to train until 7pm.  This was going to be interesting….

intereestand commitment

Leg day training:

Seated hamstring curls superset with weighted Sumo squats – emphasizing the glute squeeze

Free bar squats

Quad Sweep Hack machine lunges superset with Quad burner mini squats (50 reps)

Abductors superset with lunges

Calves, abs

Then finished it off with the Stair Mill for cardio.

This was a brutal workout.  The quad burner mini squats literally left me crawling on the floor.  These are no joke.  I can handle a lot of pain, but these get me every time.  Especially at 50 reps.

As I finished all the lifting I went to do my cardio and was beat.  I didn’t have a specific cardio called out so I got to choose.  I did not take the easy  route.  After all I am all in and going for Professional status…so yes I hit the Stair Mill.  Put on my motivational video’s quoting all sorts of emotion jerking, dig deep, gut wrenching moments.


As I was stepping I felt each and every step.  Burning the legs that seemed to weight a thousand pounds.  I was struggling but kept telling myself there is no pain, there is no pain.  I also think of the many people who do not have the privilege to be able to walk or even have legs to use .  Those people would love to be able to feel pain in their legs.  You don’t know your limits until you reach that limit.  I was making it happen.  The voices from the videos kept going on and then something hit me.  Raw emotion.  I was half way through my cardio and a voice told me, Michelle you are doing it.  You are making your dreams happen.  You are already there.  You can do this. You are a Pro.  I had a surge of emotion and chills ran up my spine and my eyes welled up with tears.  I am doing it I told myself.  Push through…pain is temporary and achievement is permanent.  I then picked up the pace and powered through the rest of my cardio.  Wow…that was intense.  Have you ever wanted something that bad?  Enough to push yourself through it and know that it is worth it?  This sport is not easy.  It’s very much a mental game.  The body can take so much more than you know, but you don’t know until…well until you know.  lol  I haven’t reached that spot yet.  I’m a fighter.  I have committed to making this happen and I am fighting for it every step of the way.  I’ve got heart.  I’ve got passion.  This is not for anyone else.  It is for me.


The Human Body is Capable of amazing deeds.

If we could just free ourselves from our perceived inhibitions and tap into our internal fire, the possibilities are endless.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to make your dreams a reality?  The only way to do that is by taking action.  I’m ready to live my dream.

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